Gnostic Lectures in Cardiff

The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology (GIA) in Cardiff offers a new series of lectures and meditations on Gnostic Esoteric Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Meditation.

Course 2024

-Saturday 3rd February 2024

Cardiff Gnostic Institute of Anthropology are pleased to invite you to our new cycle of classes in room 4 at The Friends Meeting House, 43 Charles St, Cardiff CF10 2GB. Beginning 3rd February 10 - 12 noon fortnightly.
In our theoretical-practical Gnostic course, attendees will learn the techniques and methods for the study of oneself and the Awakening of Inner Consciousness so that we can be freed from our psychological limitations and attain the Inner Self-Realization of our own Being.

Some of the initial subjects we will study are;

Introduction to Gnosis and Schools of Regeneration
Two lines of life and the levels of The Being
Revolutionary Psychology
Ego, Essence, Personality
Meditation and Mantra
The Wise Law of Karma
The Message of this age of Aquarius
Return, Recurrence, Reincarnation

There are many other subject areas we will cover later on as we go deeper into the teachings;

Four States of Consciousness
Four Pillars of Gnosis
The Origins of Man
The Human Machine
Key of S.O.L.
Transformation of Impressions
Dream Yoga and Astral Travel
Esoteric Hermetic Astrology
The Mysteries of Life and Death
The Three Minds
The Seven Races
The Causes of Illness
The Chakras
And many more...

Classes are fortnightly and we will look at different aspects of Gnosis with lectures and meditation practices including mantra each week.
Contact Michael on for more information and to book your place as spaces are limited.
All our classes are free of charge.

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Venue: Friends Meeting House

43 Charles Street, Cardiff, CF10 2GB

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